Texas A&M Forest Service TDSS is a web-based decision tool for non-industrial private forest landowners and others who are interested in timberland investment and management. TDSS currently includes:

  • a set of Basic Financial Calculators for illustrating basic concepts of timberland investment

  • a Timberland Investment Calculator to calculate the returns on an investment given cost and revenue information

  • a Timberland Management Simulator with loblolly pine growth and yield models

If you have any suggestions on adding other interactive features to help timberland owners make better management decisions, please let us know.

Timberland Investment Calculator

Forest Thinning Scheduler

The Timberland Decision Support System (TDSS) is provided on an "as is" basis. Texas A&M Forest Service and the developer of TDSS makes no warranty that any part of TDSS is suitable for any particular purpose or is error-free. Use of TDSS is at user's sole risk.